Our Vision

Take Back the Voice of Regional NZ

Rural and regional New Zealand is at the core of HeartLandNZ’s campaign and policies. New Zealand is built on the hardworking ‘No. 8 Wire’ mentality of Kiwis. HeartLandNZ believes in rewarding innovation, ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

HeartLandNZ Core Policies:

HeartLandNZ will stand up against unworkable regulations

Many current regulations are infringing on property and personal rights and are not working. We will rewrite unworkable policies including; the 3 Waters Reform, the Resource Management Act; Significant Natural Areas 'land grabs;' the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme; Ute Tax; Immigration Law and more. In addition we will halt the loss of productive land to carbon farming, which is destroying rural communities and our primary sector based economy.

HeartLandNZ will stand up for healthy communities

We strongly support community-based health and education initiatives. Equal access to health services, mental health support, education and childcare are critical, as is the individual's freedom to make the health choices that are right for them. HeartLandNZ will reinstate 'Project Green' environmental community projects for the long-term unemployed.

HeartLandNZ will stand for an open and transparent democracy

HeartLandNZ vigorously defends free speech, good values, personal freedom and personal responsibility as an essential part of any healthy democracy. We will advocate for equal rights under one law for all New Zealanders. As a constraint on the absolute power of parties in government, we will also initiate binding citizens referenda, when necessary, as a way to hold governments accountable.