Why we DON'T want you to vote for our party

HeartLandNZ’s strategy is simple:

  1. Give only your Electorate/candidate vote to HeartLandNZ. Because HeartLandNZ gets no Party vote, extra ‘overhang’ seats are created for them in Parliament.
  2. Give your Party vote to National or Act. This will ensure they get the number of seats required to form a coalition to change the government.


Scenario 1

With 62 seats out of 120, the Left bloc forms a coalition government. (Red, Green, Dark Red)

Scenario 2

With 68 seats out of 130 the Right bloc forms a coalition government. (Blue, Dark Green, Yellow)


  • Overhang seats are a constitutional feature of MMP and have occurred in 3 previous parliamentary terms.
  • HeartlandNZ’s strategy does NOT take any seats away from National or Act’s total!
  • For the first time in over 30 years the rural/regional voters of New Zealand will have a voice in parliament!