Will we see chat GPT4 in the election campaign?

Date: 15 May 2023

Undoubtedly. GPT4 is going to be a pervasive influence in life online and like the rest of media, academia politics is going into the Metaverse. 

The big worry is about disinformation and fake broadcasts seemingly coming from fake sources influencing how people will cast their vote.

Gossip and malicious slander have always been a feature in politics, and they are no different online than a session in the pub, a shearing shed or at afternoon tea.

There are protective measures long in place. That innocent statement “authorised by” on the bottom of a billboard, a newspaper ad conceals an enforcement mechanism under the Electoral Commission which protects us from fakes and imposters. If it gets totally out of hand, there is the law of defamation.

The biggest worry we may have is the official disinformation agency which seems to have migrated from the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to a University and now is “independent” whose main function seems to be the propagation of the woke gospel and proclamation of contrary opinion as the heresy of disinformation.

It is early days and perhaps the effect could be positive, fact filled newspaper stories, dazzling press releases and a better-informed public. It might even spread to improved policy documents and more articulate candidates

Will we see chat GPT4 in the election campaign?