Alea iacta est– The die is cast.

Date: 15 May 2023

As Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon and started the civil war.

With the announcement by Chris Luxon that he will not form a government with the Maori Party the die has been cast and a line in the sand been drawn between two coalitions, one of which will be the next government. 

In the left-hand corner are the Labour party. the Greens and the Maori Party. In the centre right corner are National ACT HeartLandNZ party.

The choice is stark.

The Labour party is coming to the end of it’s term as the most incompetent government in New Zealand’s history. The Greens become more radically woke by the day.

(If you want to get an excellent blow by blow account of the faction fighting in the Greens have a look at Bryce Edwards account of the Green ructions - Click Here )

The Maori party are committed to separatism and the ending of democracy in New Zealand. If you want a real eye opener on their policies visit their web site 

(If you want concise breakdown of the Maori party aims and intentions go to the Standard - Click Here )

In the centre right corner are the National party, ACT and HeartLandNZ

National has begun releasing its policies a sober recital of practical costed programs that go some way to getting the country back on its economic feet. It is early days. As the campaign starts properly doubtless there are more to come. 

ACT has produced a slate of candidates and policies that will mean that National will not go wishy washy in government and produce a strong part of the right of centre coalition.

HeartLandNZ is going to be the go-to for rural and provincial New Zealand. The 12% of the working population who produce 80% of our exports in the primary sector of the economy. For over thirty years their political clout in Parliament. National and ACT have to pay strong attention to their urban voters and have stood by as the farmers have been buried in over regulation, 

The election of HeartLandNZ to rural electorates can restore to the farmers the political clout they need to protect themselves from micromanagement government regulations dreamt up by the Greens and Wellington bureaucrats who do not have the foggiest notion how farms are managed efficiently and effectively by their owners.

Alea iacta est– The die is cast.