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Welcome to HeartlandNZ Party - you've made a smart choice helping us by putting the Govt in a position where they have to make additional MP seats, for every Rural/Provincial Electorate we secure - just as the Dutch Parliament had to recently because a newly formed "Farmer's Party" made history by gaining 16 of the 100 Seats in their Parliament, in a major push-back to protect 3000+ farms their Govt has plans to shut them down. See here for details -

Help us make a brighter future for rural and provincial NZ.

This will give Provincial & Rural NZ a voice from directly within the Beehive, so sorely needed now to protect our home, farms, businesses and communities from dreadful legislation that's literally "choking" the life out of this vital part of our economy and the "backbone of NZ" life. It will provide a sensible partner to right-leaning parties to "break the deadlock" of the other parties forcing "woke" and "Nanny State" policies that not only don't make any sense, but are destroying NZ. Now is the hour, and your support is crucial in this key election coming up - and we greatly appreciate it!

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